Hi!!!! I am your personal image consultant, Veronika Hegedűs, attorney, stylist, fashion designer and founder of VERONIQUE AMATI. I believe that we are all artists and the path of the artist is UNIQUE like yours or mine. What I give you through my work at VERONIQUE AMATI is the art of manifesting our external and inner world. I love being an artist and help people to manifest their dreams, put question marks into the heads, inspire for self-realization. My motto is that there is no such help which ultimately would not help us too.

What is our job with EACH OTHER? Everyone has a unique persona and individual which you show or don’t openly. It is your decision whether you are ready to be honest with YOURSELF, the world and you search out who lives in you. There is a personal UNIQUE CHARACTER STYLE, which brings to surface your best version and deepest self-love leading you to HAPPINESS. My job is to put myself into your skin and considering your lifestyle, career, body shape and unique needs and to advise you personalized style, fashion and self-development solutions tailored to your personality and to feed your spirit and energy field.

Do you know what do you want from YOUSELF? No problem if not yet, if you come and visit me, we will discover it together.

I graduated at the Budapest Fashion School as an image consultant, this was followed by presenting my haute couture collection in 2016 on the Budapest Fashion Week. The clients of my exclusive brand are mostly cosmopolites. I also organize workshops regularly in the field of fashion and self-development. Besides, I work as a lawyer and advise on brand building in particular.