Like every LADY, it is natural that you would like to be the most beautiful Bride on your wedding day. It does matter what you are wearing on this day. You will be the most beautiful, if you wear such a dress which you feel a reflection of You, it is UNIQUE and enhances your personality. If you have all this, on your Big Day you will radiate such an energy that everybody and most of all your partners will admire You, the WOMAN with capitals.

The VERONIQUE AMATI wedding and newly wed bride dresses are prepared by us as a result of personalized fashion design, assessment of your needs and style consultancy, during which our aim is to gift you with a UNIQUE dress memorable for your future children and grandchildren. Based on the same process, we also prepare the wedding gowns, smoking or suits to the personality of the groom, the MAN with capitals. We did not forget of course the bridesmaides, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers as they are the WOMAN and MAN with capitals, beside the WOMAN the MAN with capitals.

For the couple and the wedding guests we provide a full around service including make-up, hair, manicure, pedicure, jewelry and shoes and bags selection. We ensure for the couple discount for the engagement and wedding jewlery through our partners.