What is the difference between STYLE and IMAGE? STYLE, it is an international culture word with various meanings used fot centuries. In the world of fashion, STYLE become the question of the character, which ultimately reflects the person and builds up the IMAGE from small style elements. The impresion by your IMAGE does matter, especially the first, far too much. On all areas of Yout life.

You have only a few minutes for the firts impression. You are not sure about the solution? We resolve the puzzle for you and discover with you on a consultation session what is that UNIQUE style, image solution which brings out the best of you fitted in your lifestyle. We will experiment with colors, hair styles and make-up techniques. We also prepare for you a report about the results. One thing we guarantee, you will know how to bring out the best of Yourself and we will equip you with an action plan for the everydays.

We also gladly become Your permanent style advisor daily or before important occasions (e.g. date, interview) or go for personal shopping sessions for You or with You, perform a wardrobe detox in your house, put together a basic wardrobe for You which works daily for Your benefit. We also teach You business and personal protocol.