How does a UNIQUE DRESS help You? Without clothing, we are naked, this is clear for everbody. When we are naked, we are still different due to the UNIQUE features of our bodies and spirits.

There are man and woman who loose control over their lives during the years, including themselves and they become avarage accepting any circumstances. There are those, however, who recognize this and take action to get back their UNIQUE SELF and their lives and are ready to fight for this with themselves and the world. The desire to uncover your individual features for yourself and the world strenghtens when you are able to define and are ready to show these UNIQUE qualities for yourself and others.

For our inner peace and physical well-being, it is important what what we wear on the temple of our spirit, our body and who looks back from the mirror. We help you to regain control over your life with FASHION DESIGN FOR YOU adjusted to your inner and external personality traits by creating a time enduring, unique Dress or Wardrobe in full sync with your own taste. A VERONIQUE AMATI DRESS differs form the others because we fabricate into it your naked body and spirit.