Wardrobe is an integral very important part of Your travel; we aim to help You to make it with style, structure, elegance and fashion. The questions of what to pack and how to pack it all in one suitcase has key importance, besides the question where to shop when You arrive? Searching out the local styles can be of significance e.g. in Japan on a business trip, thus it advised to prepare how to integrate local elements into our suitcase wardrobe.

If You have no time for planning or shopping, VERONIQUE AMATI helps You to pick out and shop Your UNIQUE and personalized  capsule wardrobe perfectly fitting to Your trip involving long hour flights, cruises or a Hawaii beach trip, elegant parties, business meetings, rendezvous, garden parties in Rome.

For cosmopolitan visitors to Hungary we provide these services locally and we help to integrate the local style elements into your travel wardrobe. We organize everything from the hairdresser to the suit or evening dress shopping or tailoring.