During a traditional style, image and fashion consultancy, it is often enough a simple wardrobe check-up, a joint or virtual personal shopping, a unique pret-á-porter collection, online profiling and portfolio management. During this session, the main focus is on perfecting your IMAGE besides injecting information into your soul to further inner self-development. 

SPECIAL LIFE EVENTS such as a wedding, an interview, a randezvous require special and comprehensive IMAGE CONSULTANCY designed for the occassion in order to overreach the daily routine and to bring out the best yersion of you for the event. During the process You will have PERSONALIZED FASHION DESIGN and we also break down your limiting beliefs. 

Beseides the above, if You seek a FULL IMAGE TRANSFORMATION inside and outside You will be in the right hands. Our program streches from a few weeks up to sevaral months depending on your personal needs where Your SELF-DEVELOPMENT is key and with our help You will have the final result achieved by You.

We collaborate with hair dressers, make-up artists, health and lifestyle coches, jeweliers, wedding organizers and photographers.