The VERONIQE AMATI  formula is simple: „FASHION  AND PEOPLE  CHANGE,  STYLE AND INDIVIDUM IS UNIQUE”. What does it mean to be UNIQUE? It embodies a special character about which a  particular person can be  identified. Something what liberates the kindred spirit. The UNIQUE STYLE of the real oneself can appear in every areas of your life: lifestyle, perception of life, clothing, grooming, religion, attitude, work, hobbies.

Will you be Happier if you are UNIQUE? The UNIQUE STYLE which you can find with the help of YOURSELF and US leads to a self-confidence  empowered EGO  and accomplishment upon the completion of proper inner and external work. How long should you wait with this? Not long as the years are flying and we wake up for unfulfilled dreams and a denied self.

HAPPINESS is equal with self-acceptance and showing, emphasizing your uniqueness to the world. We will help you to find this by pushing your limits. We do not focus only on your appearance. We adjust your EXTERNAL transformation to your INNER changes, which leads you on the way of self knowledge.

The program of Veronique Amati is for both Man and Woman.